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US politics

Biden’s radicalism is bad for Britain

Andrew Harnik/AP Photo/Bloomberg/Getty Images

We thought Joe Biden was going to be a new Bill Clinton, a centrist who would restore the sullied American republic after the Trump interregnum. Instead “his administration is shaping up to be the most left-wing since Franklin D Roosevelt”, says Allister Heath in The Daily Telegraph. His concessions to the “woke insurgency” are threatening to destroy American universities and badly damage business. But two radical ideas he’s considering would be “tantamount to a constitutional coup”: expanding the size of the Supreme Court to eliminate its conservative majority, and giving Washington DC and Puerto Rico statehood “to gerrymander the Senate with more Democrats”. In this respect, he’s as despicable as Trump – and, if successful, he “would poison American politics for decades”. 

Britain is lucky that Boris Johnson’s government “is the most anti-woke in the English-speaking world”. Yet we are already feeling the pain of Biden’s tax-and-spend strategy. America’s corporation tax rise was the justification for our own at the last Budget, and Biden’s spending splurge might lead to higher interest rates and borrowing costs over here: “bad news for Rishi Sunak”. Most British Tories welcomed Biden. Now that they can see how destructive his flagship policies are, “they need to stop being so starry-eyed”. 

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