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Three Lions are off the shirt

The FA has updated England’s Three Lions football crest, in use since 1872, to include a lion cub, a lioness and a lion. The new lions represent “progression, greater inclusivity and accessibility in all levels of the beautiful game”, says England Football on Twitter. “No, they don’t,” tweets think-tank director Matt Kilcoyne. “The three lions passant guardant represent Richard I’s principal three positions as King of the English, Duke of Normandy, and Duke of Aquitaine.”

Prince Charming, you’re cancelled

Disneyland’s revamped Snow White ride has become the latest target of the culture wars because Prince Charming kissed the sleeping princess without her consent. Critics questioned how the California theme park could promote such “old-fashioned ideas about what a man was allowed to do to a woman”, but Disney fans took to Twitter to protest the re-imagining of their favourite story as “cancel culture gone mad.” One user remarked that if it were up to “woke lefties”, poor old Snow White “would still be asleep”.