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US politics

Trump can triumph without Facebook

Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images

Facebook last week announced it would extend its ban on Donald Trump until 2023, says David Corn in Mother Jones. But even without access to mainstream social media, Trump will play “a supersized role in Republican – and American – politics because of two important factors: money and fear.” First, cash. No one raises money like Trump. In just five weeks after the 2020 election, he made huge amounts through tiny donations from his fans; his Make America Great Again foundation received $62.6m and the Republican National Committee $18.8m. And his fundraising hasn’t slowed. This year, his Save America committee made a reported $54m in four months. This fortune could prove crucial: Trump “runs on revenge”, and with these stacks of cash he can “finance whatever political agenda he seeks to pursue”. 

Which brings us to fear. “The Republican leadership remains damn scared of Trump because he continues to have the base of the party in his grip.” Two-thirds of GOP members believe the election was stolen. The party knows it needs him on side, especially given his access to funds. That power might not be as satisfying for Trump as a Facebook rant – “but it could be more effective”.

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