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Kisses that linger in the memory

Uwe Krejci/Getty Images

“Do you remember the best kiss of your life?” asks Hannah Jane Parkinson in The Guardian. “I imagine that you do.” It’s usually a bigger deal than your first, which might have been while fooling around with a friend or in a rainy park somewhere. I am, of course, talking about romantic kissing – what many call snogging, although that’s “such an ugly word for such a wonderful act”.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of “smooshing our faces together”, but it’s a very good one. I couldn’t date a person who was bad at kissing, and I can’t understand those who don’t kiss during sex. “There is no kissing off the rack” – it can be slow or “full-throttle”. At its best, kissing is “the highest form of communication” and a whole “physical language” of its own.

The unromantic rise of sex NDAs

Want to have a high-profile one night stand? Be prepared to sign a sex NDA first, says Hallie Lieberman in Buzzfeed. These days celebrities proffer long legal contracts before getting into bed with us normies. Donald Trump used a non-disclosure agreement when he slept with porn star Stormy Daniels and Charlie Sheen’s alleged sex NDA was leaked to the press in 2015.

A woman named Madison spotted a “cute musician” on Tinder. He said his band were “on the verge of making it big”. They started dating and he asked her to sign an NDA – “for her protection”. In reality, the document stipulated that she would “fly out to a show at least once a month, regardless of the day, for the sole purpose of sex”. She would also have to participate in sex parties, dress in 1950s-style clothing in his presence, and not mention him or his band to anyone. Instead of signing the NDA, Madison broke up with him. The band have yet to make it big.