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Culture wars

The millennials are a “lost generation”

“Culture wars are long wars,” says Tanner Greer on his blog The Scholar’s Stage. It takes time to transform a culture – “usually two to three generations”. Ideas “fester” among the young, but their impact is often limited by the “inability and inexperience of youth”. Then the young grow up and older generations suddenly find themselves outnumbered – “swept up in a flood” that previously seemed a “mere trickle”.  

To see this process “in real time”, just look at the Democrats’ socialist wing. Older party leaders see socialists as “spoilers and madmen” that should be kept at arm’s length. But Democrats under 40 take socialism “very seriously”. All that stops them from furthering their ideology is “the power of their elders” – which cannot last. It won’t be long until “America’s most popular party will be openly run by socialists”. The millennials are a “lost generation”, with a doomed radical ideology, but for the majority of the next two decades, they will be in charge.

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