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“Woke coke” is a joke

Al Pacino in Scarface

Cocaine dealers are selling premium gear to the WaWs (“Woke and Wealthy”), promising that their product is “environmentally friendly” and “ethically sourced” from “well-paid farmers”, says Julie Burchill in The Spectator. This is “woke coke – wokaine, if you will”. Of course there’s no such thing. If I could change one thing about my “long, louche life”, I would go back to 1985, when I started taking cocaine and thereafter took it “pretty much every day” for 30 years. Like most users of illegal drugs, I was responsible for the untold misery, “probably even the deaths”, of impoverished strangers, “just for some fleeting fun”. How typical of the “virtue-signalling and vice-ignoring” WaWs that they should find a way round this.

I’m far from being a supporter of the “ceaselessly failing” war on drugs. Post-pandemic, the taxable revenue on the UK’s £2bn coke trade would be more than welcome. In any case, why is it illegal? Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria once shared a packet of cocaine chewing gum. When Vice magazine swabbed the surfaces in the House of Commons, one of the spots with the most cocaine residue was the loo by the Strangers’ Bar, “only accessible to MPs, high-ranking public officials and their guests”. But until the law changes, people who “identify as decent people” while buying cocaine are simply “vile hypocrites”.

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