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Sex is best in the afternoon


I am a passionate advocate of afternoon sex, says Kayla Kibbe in InsideHook. It beats evening sex because you’re not too tired from work, too drunk from a night out or too full from supper. And it’s better than morning sex because you’re not worried about your breath or getting out of bed in time for work. Then there’s lighting. “Establishing the perfectly dimmed balance for sex post-sundown can be a lengthy ordeal involving multiple lamps, candles and different lighting configurations.” In the afternoon you’re limited to two options: curtains open or closed. And everyone looks better in natural light.

Best of all, afternoon sex is almost a form of bragging. “If you’re in a position to be having sex in the middle of the day, you probably have it pretty good.” You’re either on holiday or free of work or parental obligations – “all of which are enviable states of being”.

A minority we can all be part of

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There’s nothing “more passé” than being straight nowadays, says Arwa Mahdawi in The Guardian. Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, the 23-year-old daughter of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, recently came out on Instagram as “demisexual.” Reader, I rolled “my old gay eyes”. Demisexuals aren’t an oppressed minority: they are “people who aren’t sexually attracted to others unless they form a strong emotional bond with them first”. Surely that’s most of us? Or perhaps not, in our “sex-drenched society”. Anyway, it’s good news for the boring heteros: now you’re “an exciting demisexual” with your very own flag!