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Heroes and villains

Karaoke | Kerry Katona | Sniffer dogs

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Karaoke, at least in China, where a blacklist of songs containing “illegal content” is being compiled. Tunes that endanger national unity, promote cults and superstitions or encourage gambling and drug-taking – all the good ones, basically – will be banned from the country’s 50,000 karaoke bars.


Kerry Katona, who appeared on Good Morning Britain on Thursday to launch an impassioned attack against people peeing in the sea. It’s a “dirty and disgusting habit”, said the former Atomic Kitten star, and it only takes two minutes “to go over and have a wee in a toilet”.

RAF police dogs Alfie, left, and AJ


Two RAF sniffer dogs, who’ve been awarded the animal equivalent of the OBE for their work rooting out bombs and weapons. English spaniel Alfie and labrador AJ were given the PDSA Order of Merit after “exemplary” six-year careers, says Group Captain David Wilkinson. “They are a credit to the Royal Air Force.”


Anti-vaxxers, who tried to storm the BBC’s offices on Monday, but went to the wrong address. The protestors clashed with police as they tried to enter Television Centre, in west London, which was vacated by the corporation in 2013 and is now mainly luxury flats. The only TV programmes still filmed there are daytime chat shows such as ITV’s Loose Women.

Afghan governor Samila Mazari. Farshad Usyan/AFP/Getty Images


Salima Mazari, one of only three female district governors in Afghanistan. The 40-year-old governor of Charkint (population 30,000) has survived several ambushes by the Taliban. She takes a hands-on approach: “Sometimes I’m in the office in Charkint, and other times I have to pick up a gun and join the battle.”


Brampton Manor Academy, an east London state school that’s sending 55 students to Oxbridge this year – seven more than Eton. Two-thirds of its pupils qualify for free school meals and it receives about 3,000 applicants for 300 places each year.