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Honeymoon? We’d prefer a honeymonth


Forget honeymoons. Celebrities are now taking “honeymonths”, says Guy Kelly in the Telegraph. Just look at Lady Kitty Spencer. Ever since Diana’s 30-year-old niece wed 62-year-old fashion tycoon Michael Lewis in July, the couple have been on a nonstop tour of the Med. They’ve dined on the Bay of Naples, swum in the Tyrrhenian and partied in Venice. “It’s the itinerary of a pair of murderers intent on spending their new inheritance before the authorities catch up with them.”

They’re not alone. After Pippa Middleton married James Matthews, the pair spent a month in French Polynesia, New Zealand and Australia. One newspaper reckoned the jaunt cost more than £120,000. Back in the early 2000s, Billie Piper and Chris Evans were said to have followed their Las Vegas wedding with a two-year honeymoon. Once they got back, they were separated within the year.

But what about us normies? Some resort to Honeyfund, a donation website for couples who need honeymoon cash. Others have used the pandemic to accrue masses of holiday, without their HR departments noticing. Either way, the mega honeymoon is waxing. “Perhaps Lady K is on to something.”

Divorced men are a tasty proposition  

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I think divorce is sexy, says Kayla Kibbe in Inside Hook. “The days of divorce stigma are long gone” and having “a divorce or two under your belt” can be beneficial in the dating market. It shows you’re at least capable of considering a long-term commitment.

It also proves a certain maturity and a willingness to make tough choices. Many single mothers prefer fathers who are dating after a divorce, because they understand the time and energy it takes to make a relationship work.

Finally, divorcés are more gregarious. “Marriage can keep you in a shell.” The first step in your post-divorce life is to break out of it. And who doesn’t want to be around for that?