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US borders

Biden’s policy could bring back Trump

Haitian boys trying to cross the US-Mexico border on September 20. Paul Ratje/AFP/Getty Images

It’s hard to confront the “ugly reality” of America’s broken border policy, says Andrew Sullivan in The Weekly Dish. But if President Biden doesn’t do something about it, Donald Trump will “romp” home in 2024. The influx is at a 21-year high, about four times the rate under Obama and Trump. It’s not all Biden’s fault. His predecessor didn’t secure the border. But Biden did end Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, which keeps asylum seekers out of the country while cases are adjudicated. Of 15,000 recent Haitian asylum seekers, 12,500 were allowed in. And every year “only around 2% of illegal immigrants are deported”.

As with the movement to defund the police, Biden moved too swiftly to make a clear break from the past. He had the perfect excuse to delay things: Covid. He was already banning Europeans. “He couldn’t invoke the same reason to keep the southern land border effectively closed?” Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any president in history “and won the popular vote twice”. But Biden has fallen victim to “all borders are racist” baloney, and Democrats seem “utterly blind” to the danger. Racial anxiety has already propelled one unhinged authoritarian to power. Be warned. Mass migration empowered the European far right and took the UK out of the EU. Want to take the wind out of racists’ sails? “Get serious about border control” – or face the consequences.