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Staying young

Ten simple steps for better health

Dr Michael Mosley recommends a one-minute cold shower every morning. Getty Images

“The secret to daily health is as easy as 123,” says Dr Michael Mosley, creator of the 5:2 diet, in the Daily Mail. Have a one-minute cold shower in the morning, take two brisk walks and drink three cups of coffee. Cold showers boost your immune system and coffee helps to ward off depression. In addition, drink four large glasses of water, eat five portions of fruit and vegetables, and aim for six wees to ensure you’re drinking enough. Do a seven-minute workout, get eight hours sleep, eat nine nuts – great for the heart and brain – and meditate for 10 minutes.

Busting the myth of the fertility cliff

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Let’s put the myth of the “fertility cliff” to bed, says Kristin Canning in Women’s Health magazine. We’ve been led to believe that fertility plummets at the age of 35, and many women “structure their lives around that dreaded number”. Nobody wants to be called a “geriatric” mother. But the idea of the fertility cliff is misleading and based on “antiquated research”. One commonly cited study from 2004 “uses French birth records from 1670 to 1830”.

Recent research shows “more promising results”. A study by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine found that 81% of women aged 38 and 39 got pregnant naturally within a year. Of course, fertility does decline with age, but the chances of getting pregnant are still “very high” up to 40. Fertility also varies hugely between women, with lifestyle factors playing a role. The anxiety many older women feel about trying to conceive may be “more detrimental” to fertility than age itself.

Destress with a seaweed soak

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Seaweed baths are the latest wellness craze, says Melanie Macleod in Get the Gloss. They can reduce stress, ease aching muscles, relieve eczema and acne, and prepare you for a great night’s sleep. But be warned: we’re not talking shower gels with a hint of kelp. “This is big ocean energy with the smells to match”. A bag of seaweed floats in your tub, giving the water an amber tinge and a “slightly fishy” sea smell. Soak for 20 minutes for the best results. Victoria Health stocks an Atlantic Seaweed Bath for £12 and Quantum Botanika’s Ocean Bathing kit is £25.

A shot of inspiration

If taken for at least six years in a row, the flu jab lowers your risk of developing dementia by 14%, according to a study by the journal Vaccine. The jab bolsters ageing immune systems, counteracting the brain damage that causes the condition.