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Climate change

Insulate Britain is led by a hypocrite 

Roger Hallam co-founded Extinction Rebellion before starting Insulate Britain. Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Insulate Britain’s founder has some nerve, says Dominic Lawson in the Daily Mail. Roger Hallam happily shuttles between his partner’s south London flat and his 10-acre farm in Wales – five diesel-powered vehicles have been seen parked there, though he insists they aren’t his. But he says that if he were attending a protest, he would refuse to move for an ambulance carrying a dying person. A year ago he gave this advice to his followers about those running society: “Maybe you should put a bullet through their head.”

I am on his list too. After I wrote a column referring to him as “just a nasty piece of work”, he uploaded a YouTube video entitled “Dominic Lawson will be hanged for climate crimes”. He carefully told lawyers he was “merely predicting”, not advocating, my execution. Meanwhile, Hallam has been ostracised from Extinction Rebellion, which he helped build, for telling a German newspaper that the Holocaust was “just another f***ery in human history”, and “almost a normal event” compared to climate change. And despite his noble M25 warriors comparing themselves to the suffragettes, he isn’t a vote-winner. His Burning Pink party candidate came 20th out of 20 in this year’s London mayoral election – lower than Count Binface. The man’s a joke and makes his cause one too.