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Fifth time lucky for Joan Collins

Joan Collins with her fifth husband, Percy Gibson. Franziska Krug/Getty Images

“Thank God I married somebody 30 years younger than me,” Joan Collins tells Josh Glancy in The Sunday Times. “I couldn’t bear to be married to someone my own age.” The actress, 88, is now on her fifth husband, 56-year-old film producer Percy Gibson. The couple have been together for nearly 20 years and she says he is “absolutely without doubt” the best of the bunch. The age gap certainly doesn’t bother her. When asked about it, she has been known to reply: “If he dies, he dies.”

Chocs to get you in the mood

Getty Images

A “classic aphrodisiac” is making a comeback, says Logan Mahan in Inside Hook. TikToker Emma Patterson recently amassed 13.7 million views for her glowing review of Aphrodisiac Sex Chocolates, sold by the Playboy-owned sexual wellness brand Lovers for $1 a pop. Natural herbs such as ginseng, yohimbe and damiana are the ones to look out for: they’re thought to enhance blood flow to the genitals, and therefore sensation. But those with allergies should check the ingredients to avoid a not-so-sexy reaction.

Talking balls

The “testicle bath” could be the future of male contraception, says Jeff Parsons in Metro. The Coso, a mug-sized device dreamt up by German design graduate Rebecca Weiss, has just won a prestigious James Dyson Award for ingenuity.

To use the Coso, a man fills it up with water, turns it on and “gently rests his cojones inside”. Once safely in the water, they’re zapped with ultrasonic waves that stop sperm production and provide contraception from roughly two weeks after the first dunking.

The process is reversible. Six months after a dip in the testicle bath, sperm will start reproducing again and the man “can get down to business”.