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Heroes and villains

A rotating house | David Cameron


Vojin Kusic, a Bosnian man who built a 360-degree rotating house for his wife because he was fed up with her complaining about the view. The 72-year-old spent six years constructing the house, which can spin full circle in 22 seconds and has views of cornfields, forests and the river.


Drunk men in Gujarat, India, whose fed-up wives can have them thrown into cages and placed on display to humiliate them into abstention. Alcohol is banned in the state, but rates of alcoholism are 4.3% and fines of £25 alone weren’t doing the trick. “We are happier now,” said one woman. “Men are drinking less and it has brought peace to families.”


McDonald’s, which now pays the same hourly rate as top investment banks. Some branches are hiring burger flippers at $21 an hour, so a first-year banker on $100,000 a year knocking out the expected 90-hour week fares no better.


David Cameron, who took the time and trouble to let a stranded couple into their local graveyard. The pair wanted to take a previously well-trodden shortcut through the garden of socialite Jemima Goldsmith, but their path was blocked by new electric gates. Luckily, the former PM was riding past with his daughter and gave them the code to sneak in.


Sikh hikers, who rescued a swimmer drifting towards a waterfall in British Columbia, Canada. Because the five hikers were wearing turbans, says local paper The Abbotsford News; they were able to spin their headgear into a makeshift rope and save the day.