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Has Kim K been swept off her feet?

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian West. Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

Comedian Pete Davidson is notorious “for dating extremely attractive women while living in his mother’s basement”, says Danielle Cohen in The Cut. The 27-year-old also managed to tempt Kim Kardashian West to Staten Island, “New York’s least accessible borough” and Davidson’s home turf, for a secret pizza date.

She’s not the first to make the trip: Davidson’s former fiancée, singer Ariana Grande, once described a date night the two enjoyed in Staten Island as “the most fun I’ve ever had”. What’s so alluring about the area? Besides Davidson, not much: he has called it a “terrible borough filled with terrible people” and joked that he hopes it will “fall into the sea”. His next dinner with Kim, 41, was at a members-only nightclub in Manhattan – much more to her taste.

I’ve had enough of winter cuffs

Getty Images

It’s that time of year again, says Emma Specter in US Vogue. “Cuffing season is here.” For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is when single people always seem to start getting together – “cuffing” themselves to each other for the winter. Apparently it’s something to do with the cold. Suddenly “everyone stops hooking up with abandon and settles down with a partner to watch Succession with their feet entwined under a blanket”.

It’s sensible, nice even, but boring. Which is why, this year, I’m proposing a cuffing ban. What if the singles among us “just invested in some Heattech clothing and forced ourselves to keep having silly, indulgent fun”? After two years of lockdown, we deserve a few extra months of hedonism. “A winter of our extreme content, if you will.”

Choosing Britain’s sexiest singletons

The Duke of Westminster. Shutterstock

“Sound the heralding trumpets!” says Sophia Money-Coutts in The Daily Telegraph. Tatler’s Little Black Book has arrived. The annual list of “Britain’s most eligible singletons” has Emma Raducanu at the top, the Duke of Westminster second and a “posh Scottish model” in third place. “As usual, reading it brings to mind an Evelyn Waugh novel.”

If you didn’t make the gilded gang, don’t worry. I worked at Tatler for years and can assure you the process has absolutely no scientific basis. The social editor and I would scour Facebook for men we fancied. Then we’d add them to the list purely because that meant we could invite them to the Little Black Book party and try to snog them. I suppose there were some vague requirements – “you should be attractive, ideally rich [and] have a fondness for animals that borders on the peculiar” – but that was about it. It’s a farce. “And I never snogged anyone at the party, anyway.”