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Heroes and villains

Italians | Hungry whales | Tom Hanks


High-end Italian restaurants, which proudly keep up the tradition of giving women menus without prices on, despite complaints from female patrons. It’s so they can “enjoy the dinner, the atmosphere and the good food without worrying about more banal matters”, says Rossella Cerea, a manager at the three Michelin-starred restaurant Da Vittorio. “If there is a couple at table, we have the habit of giving the blind menu to the woman,” she told La Repubblica. “It is not discrimination but a form of gallantry.”


Hungry baleen whales, which may hold a key to climate change after it was discovered they eat three times as much as previously thought, trapping vast amounts of carbon in their blubber and excrement. Some of these whales eat the equivalent of 80,000 Big Macs a day in krill.


Fitness model Jayne Rivera, who shared a series of photos with her 84,800 Instagram followers in which she pulls sultry poses in front of her dead father’s coffin. The Florida influencer, 20, who had more than 307,000 followers on TikTok, has since deleted her social media accounts. 


Tom Hanks, who gave a Californian couple a nice surprise when he crashed their beach wedding in Santa Monica. He’d been watching their ceremony from afar and was so moved he decided to join in. He has form for this, having crashed a newlywed couple’s photo shoot five years ago while he was jogging in Central Park.