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Heroes and villains

David Hockney | Bella Hadid | Claridge’s

David Hockney in 1996, and Mr Bingo’s beer mats. Rose Hartman/Archive Photos/Getty Images


David Hockney, who is sticking it to health freaks by continuing to smoke at the age of 84, “and enjoying it enormously”. Chatting with fellow artist Mr Bingo, Hockney took aim at the vast wellness industry – one estimate puts its global value at $4.2 trillion – decrying it as boring, bossy and ridiculous. When Mr Bingo released a line of beer mats with the slogan “Bored of Wellness”, Hockney bought 10 packs.


The SWG3 nightclub in Glasgow, which is turning heat from dancers’ bodies into renewable energy. The club uses geothermal tech that works like a fridge: a heat pump moves hot air from the club into a series of boreholes, charging up a thermal battery, says the firm responsible. It could save 70 tonnes of CO2 a year.


Bella Hadid and her bodyguard in Miami. Backgrid

Model Bella Hadid, who forced her bodyguard to sweat in a suit and tie on a boiling-hot Miami day, while she was photographed on the beach in a bikini. What’s the point, asks Claire Carusillo in Gawker. “Is Bella worried everyone in South Beach is going to think that’s her boyfriend if he’s not being fully suffocated by a poly-blend dinner jacket and matching pleated trousers?”


Claridge’s, which has parted ways with its chef after he proposed an all-vegan menu. The hotel posted a statement on Twitter on Friday, saying this was “not the path we wish to follow”. The restaurant serves a £125-a-head four-course menu, including caviar and foie gras.


Instagram/Aleks Grosic

Dawn LeBlond, who clambered up a 900ft rock face in her wedding dress to get to the altar. Her boyfriend had proposed on the jagged peak of Seneca Rocks, in West Virginia, so they went back for the wedding, with the guest list restricted to eight fellow mountaineers. Climbing is a strong basis for a marriage, says LeBlond, 35. “You can’t hide when you’re dangling on the side of a cliff