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Two Boris Vishnevskys | Maths

Boris Vishnevsky and Boris Vishnevsky

Two “spoiler candidates”, both called Boris Vishnevsky, ran in a Russian election to undermine the chances of a Putin critic who really is called Boris Vishnevsky. Opposition politicians are used to the Kremlin fielding fake candidates with the same name to confuse voters, but in this case the two fake Borises are also lookalikes.


Maths is not a villain yet, but it could be, says The Daily Telegraph’s Michael Deacon. If it’s elitist to demand accurate spelling, shouldn’t it also be elitist to demand accurate maths? In schools, teachers will be warned against imposing their “own outdated and possibly even colonialist view that seven eights are 56 and that four add five is nine. Marking an answer ‘wrong’ can be damaging for pupils’ self-esteem… 

‘Smith! What are three sixes?’ 
‘Fifteen, sir?’ 
‘Very good. I would also have accepted nine, 12, 25, William Wordsworth or the Battle of Hastings.’”

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