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Heroes and villains

Macron | Snow boots for dogs | Norway’s defence chiefs

Chip Somodevilla/Getty


Snow boots for dogs, which despite being bang on-trend aren’t good for canine health. “Dogs find it extremely difficult to adapt to wearing boots, as they make their paws heavier and restrict movement,” says vet Sean McCormack in Dogs Today magazine. All that’s needed to stop paw pads drying out in the cold is a dab of petroleum jelly.


Emmanuel Macron, who wants France to finally get round to banning incest. Under current French law the activity is illegal only if children are involved. The government’s new proposals would criminalise incest for all ages – though cousins will still be allowed to marry.


Norway’s defence chiefs, who have ordered conscripts to return their underwear after they finish military service so that it can be handed on to the next batch of recruits. Because of a shortfall in supplies, the pants, socks and bras will be reused subject to “proper checks and cleaning”.