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Heroes and villains

Domino’s pizza | Teral Christesson | Woodside


Domino’s Pizza, which gave $100,000 to local US restaurants that were struggling in the pandemic last year – and has since spent $50.4m on ads boasting about the donation.


Teral Christesson, a 34-year-old from New Mexico, who allegedly broke into a house, had a bath and ate some prawns – but when confronted by the owner, thoughtfully handed over $200 to repair the window he had smashed on the way in. The homeowner said the man was “extremely embarrassed and apologetic about the situation”.


Woodside, a small and very wealthy town in Silicon Valley, which is planning to declare itself a mountain lion habitat in order to dodge state laws requiring it to build affordable housing. It clearly “decided that it would rather go to the cats than to the dogs”, says Jenny Zhang in Gawker.