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Heroes and villains

Colombian electrician | Catholic priest | Nick Clegg


A Colombian electrical worker, who scaled a telegraph pole to rescue a sloth that had become trapped on live electrical wires. After 20 minutes trying to coax the dangling creature down, the rescuer eventually snagged it with a broom and released it, unharmed, back into the wild.


A Catholic priest in Arizona, who resigned this month after church leaders discovered he had been botching baptisms for 16 years. Father Andres Arango performed thousands of baptisms mistakenly using the phrase “we baptise you” instead of “I baptise you”. His failed baptisms mean that not only are thousands of parishioners ineligible for ultimate salvation, but their marriages are also void. So not all bad.


Nick Clegg, who has gone from being the second most powerful man in the UK to the “joint second most powerful person in Silicon Valley”, says The Times. The former deputy PM has been promoted to “president of global affairs” at Meta, previously known as Facebook, where he’ll oversee decisions affecting 3.6 billion people around the world. Clegg only lost his seat as an MP in 2017, and already he’s “master of the Metaverse”.