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Heroes and villains

Dogs | Indian medical student


Dogs, which are great for their owners’ health. A new study has found that older dog owners have about half the risk of disability compared to those who’ve never had one, says Inverse. The trick, of course, is that walking a dog daily helps the walker stay active – there are no such benefits with cats.


A balding Indian man, who nearly managed to trick his bride-to-be into thinking he had a full head of hair. The ruse lasted all the way to the wedding ceremony, at which point the bride overheard a guest saying that her prospective husband was wearing a wig. She promptly fainted – and, upon regaining consciousness, called the whole thing off.


Jack Sweeney, a 19-year-old student from Florida who has set up an automated Twitter account tracking the flights of Russian oligarchs’ private jets. @RuOligarchJets, which now has more than 360,000 followers, monitors the aircraft of tycoons like Roman Abramovich and Leonard Blavatnik as they shuttle around the globe – and measures the carbon footprint of each flight as well.


An Indian medical student, who had a flesh-coloured wireless speaker surgically implanted in his ear to help him cheat in his exams. With fierce competition for jobs and university places, exams in India are high stakes, says The Times: examiners often block local internet connections while they’re taking place.