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On the money

Spend it like Beckham

Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty

In their glory days David and Victoria Beckham were worth a combined £470m – £130m richer than the Queen. But in the last few years the couple haven’t proved so financially savvy, says Stuart Heritage in Air Mail. Since he stopped playing football, David has embarked on a string of failed business projects: a cannabis skincare line that registered a £3.4m loss last year; a pub in Notting Hill that he briefly owned with Guy Ritchie; and the American soccer team Inter Miami, on which he has spaffed more than £11m trying to transform it into “world sport’s next big thing”.

Still, Becks is doing better than Posh. Victoria’s fashion business has now failed to make a profit for six consecutive years – it lost £16m in 2019 and has squandered a massive £57m overall. Maybe there’s hope for the younger generation? The couple’s 23-year-old son Brooklyn has just launched a culinary show, Cookin’ With Brooklyn – even though, “to put it politely, he isn’t a chef”. Each episode reportedly costs an eyewatering $100,000 to make. And one of their other sons, 17-year-old Cruz, has just announced he’s becoming a pop star – but so far his discography consists of just one, novelty festive single: If Everyday Was Christmas. So maybe not.