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Soap | Jeff Bezos’s tailor | the “Indiana Jones of the deep”


Mensun Bound, the marine archaeologist known as the “Indiana Jones of the Deep”, who this week found the final resting place of Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance. The 69-year-old Falklander has spent more than 40 years nosing around the ocean floor looking for wrecks – he helped raise the Tudor warship Mary Rose out of the Solent in 1982. But he says finding Endurance in the icy depths of the Antarctic takes the ship’s biscuit.


Cameron Diaz: the latest soap dodger. Getty

Soap, which is being shunned by an increasing number of celebrities. Ashton Kutcher says he washes his “armpits and crotch daily, and nothing else ever”, and Matthew McConaughey hasn’t used deodorant in 35 years. The latest soap dodger is Cameron Diaz, who says she has stopped washing her face as a rebellion against “the societal objectifications and exploitations that women are subjected to”. I worry about the effect on the young, says Michael Deacon in The Daily Telegraph. “It’s hard enough to get teenage boys to wash as it is.”


Jeff Bezos’s tailor, who was flown out to Texas at the last minute to fix the Amazon founder’s flight suit before he was blasted into space. Bezos had become fixated on the ill-fitting garment bunching around his crotch, says Bloomberg. Whatever tweaks his tailor made evidently worked: the 58-year-old billionaire described it as his “best day ever”.