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Brooklyn Beckham’s billionaire bride

Taylor Hill/Getty

“It may be deeply unfashionable to admit it post-pandemic, but I’m obsessed with celebrities,” says Harriet Walker in The Times. So last weekend’s super-celebrity wedding between Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz was very much up my street. He’s the 23-year-old son of a footballer and a pop star turned fashion queen; she’s the 27-year-old daughter of a billionaire hedge fund manager. They hit relationship milestones quickly. She got his name tattooed on her back, he got her eyes tattooed on his neck, they made matching necklaces with their wisdom teeth plated in gold – and within seven months of dating they were engaged. In an act of magnificent self-awareness – or, even better, a complete lack of it – their first dance was to Elvis Presley’s Only Fools Rush In.

The event was as silly and extravagant as you’d hope, says Alison Boshoff in the Daily Mail. Peltz’s dad forked out £15m for three days of festivities at the family’s $76m, 27-bedroom seaside pile in Florida. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly turned down invitations, but at least 300 others accepted. Snoop Dogg DJed; Serena Williams was up until 4am. Because Peltz’s father is Jewish and her mother is Catholic, there were two ceremonies. Apparently, the rabbi who led the Jewish side of things “caused consternation and mirth” by repeatedly referring to Brooklyn by his father’s name, David. “The rabbi excused himself by explaining that he is a football fan.”