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Heroes and villains

An unexploded shell | Dolphins | MBS


A family of American tourists in Israel, who caused a bomb scare in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport while trying to get through security with an unexploded shell they found in the Golan Heights. A fellow traveller was hospitalised after falling over a baggage carousel during the panicked evacuation which ensued.


Dolphins, which are guarding Russian warships in the port of Sevastopol in Crimea. In a practice dating back decades, Moscow has trained the canny sea mammals to use their echolocation abilities to detect mines and underwater intruders.


A Florida bride who tried to liven up her nuptials by serving a weed-infused olive-oil dip to her guests. The resulting “marijuana-induced mayhem” didn’t go down well with everyone, says The Cut: the bride and her caterer are now facing legal charges for food tampering.



A “randy peacock” called Pete, says The Sun, who is vandalising cars in the Yorkshire village of Seaton after mistaking his reflection for a love rival. “He’s attacked my £12,000 BMW and £18,000 Audi,” says one victim. “He headbutts them until his head bleeds. He’s a nutter.”