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Copping off with pop royalty


Before Ronnie Spector died this January aged 78, she updated her autobiography. Lucky for us, says The Mail on Sunday. The Ronettes lead singer’s memoir is “an astonishing glimpse into the hedonistic excesses of her rock and roll life”. Take the evening she met John Lennon at a party in Mayfair in 1964. The boys from the Beatles wanted the girls from the Ronettes to teach them the latest American dances. Lennon told Spector he needed “some extra instruction” and whisked her upstairs, where they snogged “for a couple of minutes on a window seat that looked out over all the lights of London”.

She didn’t fancy Lennon much, later saying he was “more like a brother than a boyfriend”, but she was keener on David Bowie. The pair met in 1976, at a party filled with “hip types” in flashy watches sat around a coffee table “literally dusted” with cocaine. Bowie was hidden away in a bedroom, stark naked, popping one cassette after another into a tape player. “We made love right there on the floor, and we didn’t even bother to kick the cassettes out of the way.”