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Tory Britain: a care home with an army attached

Pensioners: toasting the Tories? Getty

“There is a tangible stench of decay surrounding the Tory party,” says Sam Ashworth-Hayes in The Spectator. Barely a month passes without a “grubby scandal involving sex, money, or both”. But far more significant is its complete lack of vision for the country, beyond taxing the young to pay for the old. What have the Conservatives achieved over 12 years in power? Prices are rising, wages are stagnant, and inflation is soon set to reach 10%. “In real terms, we’ll be earning less in 2025 than we were in 2008.” Rather than slashing red tape, the government has steadily expanded the state – and it’s not even as if we have European public services to show for our European levels of public spending. “As a share of GDP, Brits now spend almost as much out of pocket for private healthcare as their American cousins do.”

All of which is why I reluctantly voted for Labour in last week’s local elections. Why? “The Conservative vision for Britain is a care home with an army attached.” The Tory party effectively exists “to service the demands of rent-seeking pensioners, whose wealth is tied up in housing, who won’t be around to benefit from investments today, and who vote consistently to raise their own benefits”. It offers nothing for young people.