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Eating in

A Big Mac a day keeps the doctor away

As a child, Don Gorske told his dad that when he grew up “he was going to eat at McDonald’s every day of his life”, says Emily Heil in The Washington Post. He stuck to his word: Gorske, now 68, recently celebrated 50 years of eating at least one Big Mac nearly every day. Since 1972, the former prison guard has munched his way through 32,943 of the burgers. “Some days, he eats two.” He has twice been recognised by Guinness World Records for his feat, and his picture hangs on the wall at his local McDonald’s in Wisconsin.

“The first time I had one, I thought it was just the best food ever,” Gorske explains. “I never get tired of them.” He insists that the diet has had no ill-effects on his cholesterol level and blood pressure – he leads an active life and “almost never orders fries” with his burgers. The Big Mac fanatic sees his habit as a “gift” to his wife, who has never had to cook for him: the stove in their kitchen “looks just like the day we got married in 1973”.