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Depp’s glitzy lawyer

Camille Vasquez: “viper-quick” objections. Steve Helber/Pool/AFP/Getty

An unlikely breakout star has emerged from the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, says Andrew Lawrence in Air Mail. Camille Vasquez, Depp’s 37-year-old lawyer, has become an online hit with Gen Zs. On TikTok, videos tagged with #CamilleVasquez have been viewed over two billion times. One clip of her directing “viper-quick” objections to Heard’s attorney has almost 30 million views. This month, Google searches for her law school boomed by 1,820%.

It helps that the California native is very glamorous. For one long day of questioning, Vasquez turned up to court in a “dramatic white suit” that is “probably the most talked about” since Hillary Clinton wore one to accept the Democratic Party nomination for president. In other videos, TikTokers compare her to Meghan Markle’s “legal eagle” character in Suits. Naturally, Depp fans are convinced that the lawyer and the actor are a couple. Vasquez has laughed it off – apparently her boyfriend is a British estate agent – but that hasn’t stopped Depp’s supporters from mobbing her outside court, begging for hugs and selfies. How extraordinary. “It’s one thing to have a high-powered lawyer in court, quite another to have one with her own set of fans.”

🤘🎸 While the jury’s deliberating back in the US, Johnny Depp has popped over to Britain to play alongside rock guitarist Jeff Beck on tour. The 58-year-old actor-cum-rockstar first joined Beck, 77, in Sheffield last week, before making an impromptu appearance at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night. Fans were delighted to catch the unlikely cameo. “I’ve been in the same room as him now,” one gushed. “I’ll die happy.”