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Heroes and villains

Miss France | British Airways | Spain

Victoire Rousselot with her daughter

Organisers of the Miss France competition, who have changed the entry requirements to allow Victoire Rousselot, a 27-year-old married mother, to compete in the Miss Alsace regional heat. Until now, wives, mums and the over-24s have been barred from entering. Aspiring beauty queens will still have to meet the height requirements of 5ft 7in, and aren’t allowed to change hairstyle, show any tattoos or piercings, or gain weight during the competition.

British Airways, according to Boy George, who was livid with the airline for allowing Victoria Beckham to disembark from a flight before all the other passengers. “Nice touch for @britishairways to leave everyone in first class waiting for steps while Victoria Beckham’s car picks her up at the aircraft. Going to avoid flying BA for a while!” The 61-year-old singer later deleted the post, however, after learning that anyone can receive the same VIP treatment if they shell out £6,000. “Myself and @britishairways are back in love,” he tweeted.

Spain, for spoiling the fun of boozy Brits in Magaluf. The government is spending €4m to turn the wild Mallorcan resort – popularly known as “Shagaluf” for its anything-goes nightlife – into a more family-friendly destination. New rules limit tourists on all-inclusive deals to six drinks per day, and ban pub crawls, two-for-one drinks, happy hours, and the sale of booze after 9.30pm.

Ryanair, which is the European airline least likely to cancel your flight. In May, the company scheduled 13,100 flights from the UK and cancelled only three. In the same period, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic were 50 times more likely to cancel flights, while Wizz Air and Lufthansa were 100 times as likely. Ryanair might be “horrible”, says Jonathan Miller in The Spectator, but it is “without a shadow of doubt” the best airline in Europe.