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Heroes and villains

Pope Francis | The Great British Bake Off | A migrating bird


Pope Francis, for admitting the obvious: that priests and nuns use porn too. In a recent speech at the Vatican, the 85-year-old pontiff acknowledged that many of his fellow servants of the Lord indulged in erotic media – before sternly reminding his audience that it “weakens the priestly heart” and must be avoided.

The Great British Bake Off, which forces its contestants to wear the same sweaty clothes for days on end to ensure there’s continuity in each episode. Due to the 14-hour shoots in a hot tent, everyone is “stinking” by the second day, one former contestant tells Insider. Some bakers end up buying duplicates of their outfits, or washing their clothes in the hotel bathtub.

A bird which has set the world record for long-distance migration. The plucky bar-tailed godwit flew 8,435 miles from Alaska to Tasmania earlier this month, not stopping once on the 11-day journey. It beat the previous recorded flight record, held by another bird of the same species, by more than 300 miles.