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Kitting out a private jet for a pet parrot

The super-rich at play. Triangle of Sadness (2022)

For luxury concierge services, no request is too much, says Abigail Buchanan in The Daily Telegraph. Knightsbridge Circle, which charges its 50 members £25,000 a year, flew some clients out to the UAE and India to “skip the queue for Covid vaccines”. One member has asked for his own personal train carriage to ferry him around the US; another wanted a quote for a private jet kitted out for a pet parrot. There are even rumours the company organised for “the Pope himself to renew a client’s wedding vows”.

The “diva behaviour” is off the scale. One source who spent three years organising holidays for the rich says he once had to pay off tourists to leave a beach – to the tune of €2,500 – because his clients wanted it to themselves. Another “wouldn’t swim without multiple bodyguards jumping in with him”. A luxury concierge founder says a client even called him in the UK from a holiday abroad to tell him the light switch wasn’t working in his hotel room. As the hotel said when he called them to get it sorted: “Why didn’t he just call reception?”