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Heroes and villains

Julia Fox | Tidy Japanese | The Labour Party

Marc Piasecki/GC Images/Getty

Julia Fox, whose brief relationship with multimillionaire rapper Kanye West was entirely selfless. In a recent TikTok video, the actress-turned-It-girl explained that West had pursued her with constant text messages, and she only gave in to stop him from bothering his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. “Maybe I can get him off Kim’s case,” Fox mused. “Maybe I can distract him and get him to like me.”

Oxford University, which seems to be at odds with history in its attempt to “decolonise” computer science degrees. I’m no expert, says Michael Deacon in The Daily Telegraph, but I’m pretty sure the discipline wasn’t established “until quite some time after the abolition of slavery” and the British Empire. “The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook was not plundered from remote tribesmen by Victorian explorers. And when Sir Walter Raleigh returned home from his exploits in the New World, he did not bring back an iPhone 14.”

The Japanese football team, who are as gracious off the pitch as they are nifty on it. After their shock 2-1 victory over Germany, the Samurai Blue left their towels neatly folded in their changing room next to 11 origami cranes, along with a thank-you note in Japanese. To cap it off, the Japanese fans who watched the match in person tidied up litter in the stadium before they left.

The Labour Party, according to the usually Tory-leaning Spectator. At the magazine’s parliamentary awards on Wednesday, Keir Starmer bagged politician of the year, while chancellor of the year didn’t go to one of the four Tories who held the post in 2022, but shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves. It seems editor Fraser Nelson is still “seething” about Jeremy Hunt’s high-tax Autumn Statement, says the Evening Standard.