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Royal family

Human rights heroes? Come off it

Beat that, Zelensky. Samir Hussein/WireImage

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will receive a “coveted” human rights award next week for speaking out about the Royal Family’s supposed racism, says Sarah Vine in The Mail on Sunday. Fellow recipients include Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who’s spent the year with “bombs raining down” on him. “Quite how the Sussexes’ feats compare to defending your nation against a genocidal maniac,” I’m not sure. If the pair had even a “sliver of self-knowledge”, they’d politely decline the honour. But they won’t – not only because Meghan “can’t resist an opportunity to put on a fancy frock”, but because they truly believe they’ve faced “genuine oppression”.

In truth, there’s no evidence for their claims that the Royal Family is racist – quite the contrary. Look at the late Queen’s commitment to the Commonwealth, or King Charles’s charity, The Prince’s Trust, which has helped countless disadvantaged children from minority backgrounds. But the Sussexes’ allegations are taken as gospel by the woke mob, leading to the “vilest accusations”. Last week, the hashtag #RacistRoyalFamily started trending after a clip of Camilla touching a child’s sleeve on a visit to a nursery supposedly proved she “so hates black people she won’t even touch one” – in fact, she was lifting the little girl’s cuff to admire her bracelet. The irony is it was “twisted online bullying” like this that drove the Sussexes mad. For the Duke to subject his family to the same abuse “makes him either selfish or stupid – or perhaps both”.