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Trapezes, helicopters and fake rabbis

Nicola Peltz with Brooklyn Beckham: “tired of catching mistakes”. Getty

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s £2.85m wedding sounds as though it was “traumatic for everyone involved”, says Ellie Muir in The Independent. A lawsuit has made public a slew of passive-aggressive messages sent by Peltz to her wedding planner – the second of at least three the couple saw off – objecting to the flowers “not being white enough” and complaining that she was “tired of catching mistakes”. But the whole saga was actually pretty tame by the industry’s standards. One wedding organiser told me about a bride in New York who wanted to arrive suspended from a trapeze – in a venue with 70-foot ceilings. The planner had to schedule acrobatics lessons.

One bridezilla wanted dogs to give an English wedding more of a “country vibe”; another insisted on arriving at her ceremony via helicopter, despite having stayed at the venue the night before. A planner recalls her most bizarre task was to “literally fake a ceremony”. It had transpired that the groom was still married to his ex, but the father of the bride insisted on hiring a fake rabbi so that he didn’t lose the money he’d forked out for the ceremony. Unsurprisingly, after the party the couple “went their separate ways”.