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Heroes and villains

Killer lions | Huffy Hugh | Etonians

The pack of young leonine upstarts who killed Bob Jr, “Africa’s most photogenic lion”, says The Washington Post. With his lustrous mane and striking amber eyes, Bob Jr (above) had earned the nickname “Serengeti King”. But last weekend, the hunky feline was cruelly slain by “younger, fitter lions” during a territorial battle in Tanzania.

Rishi Sunak, who picked up the tab for upgrading the local electricity network around his Yorkshire estate because his heated swimming pool was using so much power. My heart goes out to him, says Deborah Ross in The Times: “he must feel so left out of this whole cost-of-living crisis thing”. As he looks out across his pool and his newly built tennis court, he must wonder: Why can’t we be “miserable and desperate like everyone else”?

Hugh Grant, who played the role of a sulky teenager when he was interviewed at the Oscars. Asked who he was most excited to see, he replied: “No-one in particular.” Asked what designer he was wearing, he replied: “I can’t remember. My tailor.” Asked if he had fun making a cameo in Glass Onion, he replied, “Almost.” Watch the full exchange here.

The Italian baseball team, for fully embracing national stereotypes. Italy’s dugout in their recent World Baseball Classic match against Taiwan was equipped with a Nespresso machine. “I don’t like espresso out of a paper cup – it’s kind of sacrilege,” said manager Mike Piazza. “But when it’s the only option you have, you have to deal with it.”

Etonians, who really need more contact with women, says Celia Walden in The Daily Telegraph. A “certain demographic of old Etonians” always seem to have trouble looking us in the eye; I’ve sat next to them at dinner and “marvelled at the fact that they will never ask what I do for a living”. So it can only be a good thing that the school looks set to appoint financier Dame Helena Morrissey as its first-ever female “provost” – whatever that means.