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Heroes and villains

Kim Jong Jr | Golf blazers | Rude Ron


Kim Jong-un’s daughter, Kim Ju-ae, who wore a $2,800 Dior jacket to one of her father’s intercontinental ballistic missile launches last week. It’s a bold style choice, says The Washington Post, “in an impoverished nation that is, according to recent reports, on the brink of famine”.

Rein it in, Bryson


Golf’s ruling bodies, which want professional players to use a special ball that doesn’t travel as far. Top golfers’ shots are going around 30 yards farther than they did 25 years ago, thanks to improvements in technique and equipment – and the suits think this is ruining the game. Big-hitting American Bryson DeChambeau called the proposal “the most atrocious thing that you could possibly do to the game of golf”.


Ron DeSantis, who apparently has “terrible table manners”. Former aides to the Florida governor say that on a flight from Tallahassee to Washington they saw him chowing down a chocolate pudding “with three of his fingers”.


Mr and Mrs Pickles, two radiated tortoises who have become parents at the ripe old ages of 90 and 53 respectively. The amorous reptiles, whose species is critically endangered, welcomed three hatchlings at Houston Zoo last week: Dill, Gherkin and Jalapeño.


Winnie the Pooh, according to Chinese authorities, who pulled the low-budget horror film Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey from Hong Kong and Macau cinemas just two days before release. The portly bear is censored in China as he is often compared, unflatteringly, to Xi Jinping.