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Heroes and villains

Teetotal stars | Wagner | Just Stag Oil

Instagram/ @Bettybooze


Teetotal Hollywood A-listers, who are still flogging booze to the rest of us. Despite her own abstinence, Blake Lively (above) has announced the launch of a pre-mixed cocktail line, Betty Booze. She follows the example of the now-sober Cara Delevingne, who sells “vegan Prosecco”, and the equally sober Drew Barrymore with her line of rosé. “They all seem to be at it,” says Celia Walden in The Daily Telegraph. “They’re just not drinking it.”


The Wagner Group, which is tarnishing the reputation of its namesake. The great granddaughter of 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner told Die Welt that her “breath is taken away” seeing her ancestor’s name written on the mercenary group’s “bloody banners”.


A group of lads who came up with an ingenious gag for a stag-do: taking the groom-to-be to the British Grand Prix and forcing him to wear a bright orange Just Stop Oil t-shirt. He apparently spent the whole day being stopped and questioned by police officers.


The US Postal Service, which has 452 packages filled with cremated remains of people it can’t identify. Because of illegible writing or incorrect delivery addresses, hundreds of the sensitive parcels have ended up at the service’s lost property centre. The usual protocol is to auction off undeliverable items, says Vice. “However, this procedure does not appear to apply to cremated remains.”