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The super rich guide to a good night’s sleep

Sleeping Venus by Giorgione

Those with money to burn tend to splash a lot of cash on “getting a good night’s shut-eye”, says Chris Stokel-Walker in The Times. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg sleeps on a £2,245 smart mattress cover by Eight Sleep, which tracks his body temperature and constantly adapts by warming or cooling the bed. Instead of waking up with an alarm, he uses a “sleep box”: a six-square-inch wooden cube that emits a low level of light between 6am and 7am. Gwyneth Paltrow swears by an Infrared PEMF mat – basically a “rich person’s version of a heated blanket” – which pulses out electro-magnetic waves that supposedly “enhance the body’s natural recovery process”. Most important, of course, is a “salubrious” bed, like the Hastens Grand Vividus. Each one is specifically crafted to suit your specifications, takes 600 hours to make, and will set you back six figures.

🖐💤 For a cheaper way to get to sleep, says Vogue, try “finger breathing”. You hold one hand in front of you, and use the other hand to trace your fingers. Start where your thumb meets your wrist, then slowly move round, letting your breath rise and fall as you go up and down each digit. Once you reach the bottom of your pinky, simply reverse direction and do the same again. This “multi-sensory effect” should ease your brain into a “deep state of relaxation”, alleviating stress and helping you drift off.