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Heroes and villains

Trump | Prigozhin | Burger King


Fumio Kishida, prime minister of Japan, who has demonstrated absolute faith in his country’s nuclear safety protocols. The discharge of treated radioactive wastewater from the Fukushima power plant has led China to ban all Japanese seafood imports. In response, Kishida ate some raw fish from Fukushima on camera, declaring it “very delicious”.


Donald Trump, who has found time away from getting charged with various crimes to play a blistering round of golf. The former president claimed he carded 67 on the 72-par course at his New Jersey club – a score most professionals would be extremely chuffed with. “Some people will think that sounds low, but there is no hanky/lanky,” Trump wrote on social media. “Many people watch, plus I am surrounded by Secret Service Agents. Not much you can do even if you wanted to, and I don’t.”


Burger King, which might be telling whoppers about its Whoppers. The fast-food chain is facing a lawsuit claiming that it misleads customers by advertising burgers that are 35% bigger, with twice the meat, than the sad sandwiches it doles out in reality. Burger King argues that its products aren’t obliged to look “exactly like the picture”.


Yevgeny Prigozhin, at least according to Russian state media. Now that the Wagner warlord is safely dead, says Ian Garner in UnHerd, the Kremlin is rehabilitating him as an “exemplary military hero” who just got a bit carried away. Pravda describes him as “an epochal man, a heroic man, a legendary man”. As for his attempted coup? He was simply forcing senior officials “to listen to the voice of the people”.