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Staying young

Crystals, moonbathing and the odd crafty fag

Times have changed: Moss at a party in 1998. Dave Benett/Getty

After years of “late nights, parties and cigarettes”, Kate Moss is living a very different life now, say Phoebe McDowell and Megan Agnew in The Sunday Times. The 49-year-old model is generally “tucked up in bed” by 11pm at her home in the Cotswolds, with a 1990s sitcom on the telly. “Frasier is my bedtime watch,” she says. “It just puts me to sleep.” Every morning, she practises transcendental meditation for 10 minutes and recites her favourite affirmations: “embrace the unknown”, say, or “trust the universe and it will lead the way”.

Moss is also a big believer in “moonbathing” – lying outside at night to absorb lunar energy – and the power of crystals. When the moon is full, she “charges” her crystals by putting them on a tray and leaving them out in the garden. Her favourites are rose quartz, which represent love and compassion, and melonite (“really powerful”), which supposedly boosts stamina, longevity and physical wellbeing. Moss hasn’t given up all her vices, though. “I still smoke occasionally,” she says. “I’ve heard that when you stop, you can really tell [by your skin]. But I haven’t stopped… yet.”