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2 November

In the headlines

Storm Ciarán has brought winds of up to 102mph to the Channel Islands and parts of southern England, causing school closures, travel disruption and power outages. The Met Office issued a rare red wind warning for Jersey, encouraging residents to stay indoors. An Australian woman has been charged with murder over the suspected mushroom poisoning of her family. In a story that made global headlines in July, the parents and aunt of Erin Patterson’s estranged husband died after she served them beef wellington thought to contain death cap mushrooms. The Beatles’s final song will be released this afternoon. Now And Then, which will debut on BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music at 2pm, features performances from all four band members, including vocals from the late John Lennon lifted from a demo of the track recorded in the 1970s.


French photographer Julie Glassberg has documented the esoteric Japanese culture of Dekotora, which loosely translates as “decorated truck”. Her snaps of the vivid vehicles and their drivers include a hand-painted figure with blue hair in the mountains of Aichi; a purple and yellow neon-lit lorry at a ski resort near Sendai; a dump truck decked out in black and gold embroidery; and an HGV painted with a crane and cherry blossom. See more here.



Conservative Party interns are being asked to undertake “privilege walks” to highlight the career advantages they benefit from, says The Daily Telegraph. As part of a workshop led by a diversity charity, the aspiring politicos are lined up – sometimes “outside the Margaret Thatcher boardroom” in Tory HQ – and asked a series of questions, such as whether their parents read to them as children and whether they feel safe walking at night. For each “yes”, they have to take a step forward, and the person who travels furthest is designated the “most privileged”.


The fall of the Berlin Wall might have symbolised the end of the Cold War, says Adrian Wooldridge in Bloomberg, but since then, quite a few walls have been put up. According to one researcher, there are now 74 border barriers around the world, six times the number in 1989. These include Saudi Arabia’s 560-mile wall on its border with Iraq; Turkey’s 475-mile concrete wall along its border with Syria; and Pakistan’s 2,000-mile wall with India, “consisting of a dual chain link fence and barbed wire, reinforced by a 400-mile-long ditch, 14 feet wide and 11 feet deep and 1,000 forts and border posts”. This “Great Wall of Pakistan” is visible from space, thanks to permanent floodlights.

The great escape

The cost-of-living crisis, coupled with scorching summers and wildfires in Europe, is pushing holidaymakers away from the usual travel months of July and August, says the I newspaper. According to a 2,000-person survey, the most popular months for jet-setting between this September and next will be May and June. Holiday firm Tui has already extended its package offerings in Turkey and Greece into November, while Easyjet will offer extra flights to Rhodes in the same month.


To The Times

In your article on reopening a Cornish tin mine, you state that eight million cubic metres of water need to be pumped out. In future could your reporter please use the correct unit of measurement and tell us how many Olympic swimming pools that is.

Martin Boreham, Old Headington, Oxfordshire


It’s a push-up bra with fake erect nipples, which is now available from Kim Kardashian’s shapewear company, Skims. The entrepreneur says the unsubtle underwear will create a reassuring illusion in a warming world: “No matter how hot it is, you will always look cold.” I’m not sure “cold” is the look she’s really after, says Zoe Williams in The Guardian. Kim is offering you the chance to look “permanently turned on”, sprinkling “random erotic charge” all over everything. Would this make your day better, or worse? “Hard to say, but definitely different.” Get yours here.


Quoted 02-11-23

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”

American writer William Feather