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6 October

In the headlines

Boris Johnson told the Conservative party conference this morning that Britain needs to stop yanking “the same old lever of uncontrolled immigration” and wean itself off cheap foreign labour. “The party of business is just walking off the pitch,” says the Federation of Small Businesses. A former member of the Chinese security forces has revealed details of torture against Uighurs, including women and children. We would hang them from the ceiling, beat, rape and electrocute them, he told CNN. The Afghan girls’ football team, who fled the Taliban to Pakistan, have been issued with visas by the Home Office – they’ll be allowed to come to the UK with their coaches and families. “Get in!” says The Sun.

Comment of the day




When it comes to “the disfigurement villainy trope”, James Bond is a repeat offender, says Jen Campbell in The Sydney Morning Herald. In No Time to Die, Safin has pitted skin, while Blofeld and Primo are each missing an eye. This association between evil and physical imperfection is “outdated” and gives audiences a bad impression of disability. In Ian Fleming’s books, Bond has a scar on his right cheek. “Can we put that in the films? It matters.”


The Oxford English Dictionary has embraced Korean, says The Guardian. It has added more than 20 Korean words to its latest edition, including bulgogi (thin slices of beef and pork) and chimaek (fried chicken and beer). Aegyo, a cute display of affection, is now in the OED, as is mukbang, which refers to people eating vast amounts of food while chatting to an online audience.

Gone viral

Adele has released a teaser video for her latest single, Easy on Me – due out on October 15, it’s her first new music since 2015. The clip was watched more than 12.5 million times within 20 hours on the 33-year-old singer’s Instagram feed and prompted an online debate about her “witchy” nails. “Love the fact that Adele’s nails are so epic, she can hardly turn the volume up,” one fan tweeted. 


The National Monument Audit of nearly 50,000 statues across the US found 22 depicting mermaids and just two depicting congresswomen.


Quoted 06-10

“I made my money the old-fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative before they died.”

American publisher Malcolm Forbes

Snapshot answer

It’s Eve Jobs, daughter of Steve, making her catwalk debut at Paris Fashion Week. The 23-year-old Stanford graduate is one of the late Apple founder’s four children. When Jobs died, he left most of his fortune to his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. She’s now worth more than $20bn, but last year revealed that her children wouldn’t get a penny. Luckily, Eve has her own career options – as well as being a model, she’s the fifth best American showjumper under 25.