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The Knowledge is the antidote to our crowded online world. We scroll so you don’t have to.

Brought to you by the founder of The Week, Jon Connell, The Knowledge cuts through the noise to bring you, every day, the stuff that matters – the most incisive comment, the most useful info, the funniest jokes and memes, the podcasts and videos you should listen to or watch. All expertly curated to make you smarter.

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What Our Readers Say

“Love reading the Knowledge. Feels very up to speed without having to travel through lots of anxiety making extraneous comments and opinion”.

” ‘That’s it, you’re done.’ At the end of your email is the highlight of my day, every day. Like everyone else I am tortured by my infinite To Do list. NOTHING else in my life reassures me that I’m done.”

“It has lots of energy and good writing. It’s like a tonic.”