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A daily newsletter from Jon Connell, founder of The Week.

The Knowledge makes news manageable. It takes just five minutes to read, bringing together the things that matter, along with a few things that don’t, from all the best news sources.

Let me read it first

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“I absolutely love The Knowledge. It gives you all the news you need in a really handy format, and it quotes only the very best columnists, like me.”

Dominic Sandbrook

“What I love about The Knowledge is that it’s brilliant at picking up both mainstream and unusual stories, great little clips from Twitter and fantastic headlines. So if you are looking for five minutes to really get on top of the headlines, not just domestic but international as well, I really recommend it.”

Rory Stewart

“The Knowledge is a breath of fresh air… I love it.”

Sienna Miller

““I think Jon is fantastic and I am a huge fan of The Knowledge. We all live busy lives and try to fit too much into our lives, so it’s difficult to stay up to date with current affairs, which is why I like The Knowledge so much – it distils all the key news stories from a multitude of sources into one easily digestible read.” 

William Dalrymple

“I have become a huge fan of The Knowledge newsletter. There’s always something important and serious, and always something to brighten up the day! Highly recommend to everyone.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber

“It’s such an excellent publication. It’s hugely entertaining, hugely informative, and like any good newsletter is written with a bit of a smile and gives you what you need to know.”

Tom Holland