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The Knowledge makes news manageable. It takes just five minutes to read, bringing together the things that matter, along with a few things that don’t, from all the best news sources.

Let me read it first

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“Love reading the Knowledge. Feels very up to speed without having to travel through lots of anxiety making extraneous comments and opinion”.

“It’s not all doom and gloom.”

“Your newsletter has been so good for me now that I’ve deleted the Twitter app. I get the burst of info I need to get through the day without hours of doom scrolling.”

“‘That’s it, you’re done.’ At the end of your email is the highlight of my day, every day. Like everyone else I am tortured by my infinite To Do list. NOTHING else in my life reassures me that I’m done.”

“It just makes your life a bit easier!”

“I would just NEVER think to seek those sources out – it gives me access to international perspectives I would never see otherwise.”

“It has lots of energy and good writing. It’s like a tonic.”

“Even if I do nothing else I feel like I can just open ONE email and in a couple of minutes I feel better informed.”

“It summarises a potentially complex topic into a paragraph which is great for me – I feel like my appetite is satiated just by reading the newsletter.”